How to use your Performance Journal Inserts

When I first started designing these journal inserts, I wanted to create something that I wish I had back at the beginning of my own sporting career - all the way back in 2001.

I used to use blank notebooks which I would purchase from a local supermarket and I would scribble down thoughts about a session or competition, without truly thinking about my training or performance. These notebooks always ended up half filled in a box with all the rest of my notebooks from previous years.

This is where the idea for the performance journal inserts came from.

I wanted to make something that was flexible, easy to use, and most importantly encouraged reflective practice.

By having inserts, you can organise your journal to what works best for you! Whether you would like separate training or competition sections, have the pages organised by date, or maybe you would only want the training session inserts. This is your journal to own and create.

I colour coded the inserts, so it allows you to quickly find a specific page by the bright banners. For example, the competition inserts have a bright yellow banner so they really stand out.

The below link shows some example questions and paragraphs that will help you to reflect and fill out your own journal.

Access the “How to guide”

I will be continually researching what else I can add to the journal (I’m currently looking into dividers!), so keep an eye out for any updates by following my socials.

All I can say is that I hope this journal helps you to reflect on your archery career and that it brings you as much joy using it, as it did for me when I designed it.



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